Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dubrovnik Kayak Tours

When American Tammy Resor first came to Dubrovnik she found a beautiful, unspoiled paradise, but very few ways to experience it. When she discovered that the best way to take in the beauty of Dubrovnik was from the sea, she decided to start Adriatic Kayak Tours. In business since 2005, Tammy and her team of knowledgeable guides offer a variety of programs for beginners (no experience necessary), intermediates, and experts. Tours range from half-day local tours to 1-week adventures paddling the islands of the Dalmatian coast. Suggested itineraries include a wine & cheese sunset paddle, a trip to the Lokrum Island nature reserve, and a visit to the cliffs and caves of Kolocep Island. For those without their sea legs, biking tours of the stunning Konavle region are also offered. All tours are unique and customized and include local knowledge about history, culture, & folklore.

More information is available on their website,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Useful Numbers in Dubrovnik

Below is a list of some phone numbers that you may find useful while in Dubrovnik. It's important to at least know the emergency numbers in case of an accident.

Police: 92
Fire Dapartment: 93
Ambulance: 94
Hospital: +385 20 431 777
Roadside Assistance: 987
Public Emergency Center: 985
Operator: 988
International Operator: 901
International Directory Inquiries: 902
Dubrovnik Airport: +385 20 773 377
Taxi Service: +385 20 970
Central Bus Station: +385 20 357 088
Local City Bus Station: +385 423 724
Jadrolinija Ferries: +385 20 418 000
Coast Guard: +385 20 443 555
Harbor Master: +385 20 418 988
ACI Marina: +385 20 455 020

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Golf Course Coming to Dubrovnik

After years of discussion and rumor, the plan to build a golf course atop Dubrovnik’s Srdj hill is finally moving forward. Details of the project, which is worth 6.5 Billion Kunas (890 Million Euros), were presented to the Dubrovnik city and county governments by Australian professional golfer Greg Norman (Greg Norman to Design Dubrovnik Golf Course - Croatian Times). Norman is a well-known designer of premier golf courses around the world and is also one of the investors in the Dubrovnik golf course project. There are also rumors of another golf course project in the nearby Konavle region, but the Srdj hill project seems to be moving ahead at a quicker pace. The opening of a golf course in Dubrovnik should help to attract many new visitors to the city and should create many new jobs in the tourism industry.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How long to stay in Dubrovnik

One of the most common questions we hear from travelers to Dubrovnik is "how long should I stay?" The answer to this question depends on how much you want to see. All of the major historical sites of Dubrovnik can be seen in one or two days if you like to keep busy and do not want to visit any of the local area beaches or take day-trips. However, if you use Dubrovnik as a base to explore Southern Dalmatia and the surrounding areas then you could easily keep busy for a week or more.

If you only have a day or two in Dubrovnik we recommend staying in or close to the Old Town so as to minimize travel time and maximize your exposure to the historic aspects of the city. You will likely have to stay in a hotel as most private apartment and villa owners require a 3-night minimum stay, especially during the busy summer season. If your schedule allows a longer stay in Dubrovnik you will have more options. In this case, we recommend staying within walking distance of the Old Town in the neighborhoods of Ploce or Pile. Since you will have no problem meeting the 3-night minimum requirement, we recommend private apartments or villas as they offer a unique, "local" experience and much better rates than comparable hotels. Apartments in the Ploce and Pile neighborhoods often offer more space than those in the Old Town and generally have a balcony or terrace with views of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

If you have decided to make Dubrovnik your base for exploring Southern Dalmatia you will need to stay for a minimum of 4 – 7 days. Popular full-day trips from Dubrovnik include Montenegro, Mostar (Bosnia), the Island of Korcula, the wine region of the Peljesac Peninsula, and a boat trip to the 3 Elaphite Islands. Of course, you will want to leave a couple of days to explore Dubrovnik's Old Town, local beaches, the village of Cavtat, the Konavle region, and perhaps some of the other surrounding villages such as Zaton & Mlini.

Dubrovnik is a small city and can physically be covered in a short time if necessary. However, travelers who choose to spend a bit more time and look beneath the surface will be richly rewarded with cultural experiences and unique, natural beauty.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Long-term apartment rentals in Dubrovnik

One of the most common inquiries we get is for long-term apartment rentals in Dubrovnik. Each year there are lots of new people coming to Dubrovnik with the intention of working, studying, or just living a slower life. Most of these people need an apartment to rent for six months to a year so they can settle in and concentrate on attending classes or making a living. Many of these people do not stay longer than six months or a year, but some stay on and become permanent fixtures in Dubrovnik.

Finding a long-term apartment rental in Dubrovnik is not an easy task. Most apartment owners rent to tourists during the summer months and some rent to students during the winter months. In order to consider renting an apartment to one tenant for the entire year, an owner would have to earn at least what he or she could expect to earn from short-term rentals during the summer months. This means monthly rental rates are quite high, often equal to rents in major Western European cities. Unfortunately, these rents can go even higher once the landlord learns that the potential tenant is a foreigner.

Good advice for finding a long-term rental is to look around and get as many quotes as possible before choosing an apartment. Prices vary greatly depending on size, location, and apartment owner. Monthly rents will be considerably less expensive in Lapad than in or around the Old Town and will be even cheaper outside of Dubrovnik (in Zaton, Cavtat, or Zupa Dubrovacka). Most apartment owners will want you to pay your own utilities, especially if staying through the winter months. In general, you can expect to pay between 550 EUR per month plus utilities for a small apartment outside of Dubrovnik up to 2000 EUR per month for a large apartment in or around the Old Town.

For more information on long-term apartment rentals and for assistance in finding one, please contact us by email at