Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Destination Weddings in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is fast becoming a popular location for destination weddings. Its reliable weather, unique culture, and charming architecture make it the perfect backdrop for your special day. Unfortunately, the increased popularity of weddings in Dubrovnik has also brought about increased prices. That said, a wedding can still be hosted in Dubrovnik at only a fraction of the cost of a typical American or Western European wedding.

The first step in planning a wedding in Dubrovnik is to hire a wedding planner. Unless you live in Croatia and speak the language, it will not be possible to file all the necessary paperwork to make the marriage legal. There are some very specific requirements and meeting deadlines is critical. A wedding planner will also have the connections needed to plan your ceremony & reception, hire your photographer, order your flowers, and arrange transportation if necessary. There are several wedding planners in Dubrovnik; I would recommend contacting one of the following:

Dubrovnik Riviera Weddings - Nina Bos: +385 (0)20 33 21 69,

Weddings in Dubrovnik - Steve & Sanela Enstone: +385 (0)20 417 589,

Whether you plan to have a religious ceremony or a civil wedding, there are lots of great venues for nuptials in Dubrovnik. Saint Blaise church on the Stradun is a favorite among locals and Sponza Palace just across the street (pictured above) is a beautiful setting for civil ceremonies. Receptions can be held at most hotels in Dubrovnik; I particularly like the Palm Terrace at the Hotel Excelsior and the Dubrovnik Palace in Lapad. Finally, don't forget about your guests. It can be difficult to plan a trip to Dubrovnik and couples should make it as easy as possible for people to attend their wedding. This includes researching flight routes, providing a list of accommodations (or asking an agency such as Dubrovnik Apartment Source to work directly with your guests), and planning group activities in the days leading up to and after the wedding. If you give your guests a great holiday in addition to a great wedding day, they will thank you for it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finding Accommodation in Dubrovnik Just Got Easier

We at Dubrovnik Apartment Source are proud to announce the redesign of our website, With a more user-friendly layout, apartment information preview boxes, and clearer instructions, our new website makes finding and booking holiday accommodation in Croatia easier than ever! We continue to offer a wide selection of Dubrovnik’s finest holiday apartments and villas, and are always on hand to offer the best customer service in the industry. So please, spread the word to any family, friends, or colleagues who are planning a trip to Croatia!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fight the Winter Blues at D’Vino Wine Bar

Winters in Dubrovnik can be boring to say the least. In a town that is made for sunshine, there is very little to do when it’s cool and rainy. D’Vino Wine Bar is helping to fix that this winter. They will be hosting lots of fun events every week to keep locals and visitors from getting bored. Activities will include board games (such as Pictionary & Uno), card games (such as Gin Rummy & Texas Hold’Em), and North American sports on the TV (live NHL hockey and NFL football every Sunday throughout the season). All this will be accompanied by their usual extraordinary selection of wines and new hot beverages: coffee, tea, and mulled wine - made fresh daily with fruit and an assortment of spices. If in town on a winter day, be sure to stop by to enjoy the cheer.

D’Vino Wine bar is located at Palmoticeva 4a and further information may be obtained on their website.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cruise Ships in Dubrovnik

Most residents of Dubrovnik agree that one of the city’s biggest problems is the number of cruise ships docking in its port. Over a million passengers per year visit the small Adriatic city, often leading to overcrowding and congestion. Cruise ship passengers generally descend on the Old Town in the thousands, making the Stradun and city walls impassable. In fact, officials have been forced to temporarily close Old Town entrances several times in recent years due to overcrowding. Local business owners also consider the crowding to be a problem as cruise ship passengers spend very little money in the city. Most passengers are only in town for a few hours and buy nothing more than an ice cream or a T-shirt. Many do not wish to exchange foreign currency for Kuna for such a short period, so they buy nothing.

The concern among local business owners is that the thousands of cruise ship passengers walking the city streets will crowd out independent travelers who are more likely to patronize local restaurants, cafĂ© bars, and shops. If Dubrovnik gains a reputation for overcrowding, many of these independent travelers may stay away completely. To avoid this, it is rumored that the city may limit the number of cruise ship passengers to 7500 per day. This would certainly go a long way to improve conditions on the worst days, but would still leave the Old Town’s narrow streets full on most summer days.

For those that wish to avoid the crowds, the Dubrovnik Port Authority website has a schedule of cruise ship traffic and a color-coded chart showing how many passengers will be in the city on any given day.