Sunday, May 30, 2010

Property Prices Higher in Dubrovnik

According to a recent article in the Croatian Times the May 2010 sale price of apartments in the city of Dubrovnik increased by 8.4% over April 2010. This brought the average price up to 3,597 EUR per square meter. The increase was the greatest among Croatian cities with Split seeing only a 2.5% increase. Many other cities in Croatia, including its capital Zagreb, saw decreases in property values. It is unclear if this is the start of a trend of growing prices in Dubrovnik or if it was merely an anomaly due to a few sales of expensive properties. The per-square-meter price measure is not always an accurate portrayal of market trends as it fails to take into consideration such variables as the condition and location of the property. It is a particularly untrustworthy measure during times of low volume sales such as now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mostar Day Trip

One of the best day trips that can be made from Dubrovnik is to the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The small city straddles the Neretva River with its famous bridge, Stari Most, linking the two sides of the city. On one side lies the ethnically Croat Catholic neighborhood and the other side houses the cobbled Ottoman Quarter, home to the city’s Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims). This Ottoman Quarter is home to 16th century mosques, Turkish style houses, artist studios, and cafes.

Mostar is located about 2 hours from Dubrovnik by car. Many of the larger tour companies in Dubrovnik offer bus trips to Mostar, but it is best visited on a private tour. Prices for private day tours are as follows:

1-3 people: 210 EUR
4-7 people: 230 EUR
8-18 people: 460 EUR

According to local law, if visitors to Mostar would like a guided walking tour, it must be provided by a local Mostar resident. A local guide may be hired for an additional 50 EUR.

Tours may be booked by contacting Dubrovnik Apartment Source.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Dubrovnik Airport

The Dubrovnik International Airport is located in Cilipi, approximately 35 minutes from Dubrovnik by car or bus and only 5 to 10 minutes from Cavtat. The airport mostly serves flights from European countries, but has also seen the ocasional direct flight from Asia and the Middle East. Flight arrivals are expected to increase as the airport's capacity has recently grown with the opening of the new Terminal B in May 2010. Arriving at and departing from the Dubrovnik airport is generally a stress-free experience, and passengers are processed quickly. Since the airport is small, we recommend arriving at the airport only 1 to 1½ hours before your departure time.

When arriving at the airport, visitors will find two transportation options to Dubrovnik. Atlas operates a bus to Old Town's Pile Gate, which departs the airport shortly after every scheduled flight arrival. The bus trip is priced at 35 Kuna or 5 Euro per person. A taxi to Dubrovnik costs 220 Kuna /30 Euro for 1 – 3 people or 300 Kuna/40 Euro for 4 – 8 people. For taxi transfer prices to additional locations please see the article "Taxi Service in Dubrovnik".

The Dubrovnik airport also offers additional services such as Duty-Free shopping, currency exchange, ATM machines, souvenir shops, coffee shops, and parking. For those driving to the airport, parking prices are as follows:

1st 15 minutes: Free
15 minutes – 1 hour: 5 Kuna
1 – 2 hours: 10 Kuna
2 – 4 hours: 15 Kuna
4 - 12 hours: 20 Kuna
12 – 24 hours: 40 Kuna
Every hour thereafter: 2 Kuna
Lost ticket: 300 Kuna

More information about the Dubrovnik airport as well as flight arrival and departure schedules may be obtained at

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dish Called Wanda

Owned and operated by a talented chef from Los Angeles, Wanda turns out Italian food that stands out from the rest. Menu items are dictated by in-season local ingredients, but are prepared using traditional Italian techniques with a Californian flair. In addition to standard pastas and meat dishes, there are daily specials such as fettuccine with wild boar sauce, juniper berries and white truffle oil, and John Dory with arugula, lentils, and a mustard balsamic reduction. Wanda is a bit more expensive than many other Dubrovnik restaurants, but they offer a “Light Lunch” menu with a selection of dishes priced at 10 EUR (about 70 Kuna) or less. The staff are friendly and attentive and are happy to offer recommendations when asked. Make sure to save room for the excellent homemade Tiramisu -- the best we’ve tasted in Dubrovnik.

Wanda is located at Prijeko 8 in Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Reservations may be made by calling +385 98 944 9317 or visiting their website.