Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parking Near Dubrovnik's Old Town

One of the many features that make Dubrovnik’s Old Town so attractive is its pedestrian-only streets. However, this ban on vehicular traffic makes arriving by car and finding parking difficult. Drivers have 2 options: 1.) metered street/lot parking around the city walls and 2.) the public parking garage.

Visitors can park for as long as they like using the “pay & display” system or for free on some parts of Petra Kresimira IV and Frana Supila. These are the two main streets in the Ploce neighborhood, just outside of the Old Town. In addition, visitors may park in two “pay & display” parking lots located just behind the Old Town, near the Buza Gate. Under this “pay & display” system, parkers may either buy a ticket from a machine and display it in their car windows or send an SMS (from a local Croatian mobile phone) with their registration number (license plate number) to 8201 or 8202, depending on the zone they are (look for signs for the correct zone). They may then send additional SMS messages to add more time, one hour per message. Parking under this “pay & display” system costs 5 – 15 Kuna per hour, depending on the zone.

For those who cannot find a spot on the street or who plan to park for an extended period of time, the city operates an underground parking garage located just 10–15-minutes’ walking distance to the Old Town. Here is a map that shows the location of the garage:

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Click on the following link for a parking garage price list (valid as of May 2011):

Dubrovnik Parking Garage Price List

For daily, weekly, and monthly rates drivers must inform the attendant in advance to avail of the special rate. Once an extended period parking pass is purchased, drivers may enter and exit the garage as many times as they like within that time period.


  1. Well, I think the garage at Zagrebacka 60 is definitely the LAST place I would park my car next time. They behave like authorities, they are NOT providing services to you. I am sure there are places where people are happy that you spend your money (440 kuna for two days) at their premises. I am prepared to walk much longer rather than experiencing their attitude again.

    I guess the problem is that they are close to the old town, so they have enough customers anyway. They ruined my first impression of the city, I think it is a pity that this operates like that. At least the price was in line with the expectations.

    I do NOT recommend parking there! I wish I could already suggest alternatives, will find out next time.

    1. Unfortunately, the public parking garage is the only reasonable long-term parking option close to the Old Town. There is a garage under the Hilton Hotel just outside of the Pile Gate, but the prices are double that of the garage. All other parking options are short-term and you have to continue to pay hourly at a meter.

      I am also not aware of any parking garages in Lapad or Gruz. They are all short-term parking with hourly rates only.

    2. Totally endorse the comment of nabucondosor above. This would also be the LAST place I would park again. Their pricing practices are predatory and staff are extremely unhelpful. Cost is WAY over the top. More than Hilton if you don't pay in advance and extremely limited signage to tell you that.

  2. How can i get the special rate for parking here ? do they have their own website ?

    thanks in advance for replying..


    1. When you arrive by car you go to the attendant in the office and let them know that you want a long-term rate.

      I am not aware of a website for the garage.

  3. Dears,

    thanks a lot for your advice about free parking slots in Dubrovnik. We got lucky and managed to park for free on the second half of Frana Supila Street. (See link for more details https://maps.google.pl/maps?q=42.639255,18.127043&num=1&vpsrc=0&ie=UTF8&t=m&z=17 after this point 2nd. parking zone is not applied anymore) We also took a look on cars with strange platic envelopes hidden behind the windscreen wipers - so beware of not paying when you leave car on the Parking Zone. You can be fined with 170 KN of a ticket.