Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Small Escape

A great way to escape the crowds of the Old Town and the high prices of its restaurants is to have dinner in one of the small villages along the coast just outside of the city.  A perfect venue for such a meal is Konoba King, a small family-operated restaurant in Plat (a small village just 20 minutes from Dubrovnik by car). The restaurant sits on a small residential street leading down to the sea and one of the area’s best beaches.

Upon arrival at the restaurant diners climb a flight of stairs to a charming, peaceful terrace with views of the sea (and, unfortunately, an abandoned hotel in ruins just across the street). They are greeted by the friendly waitstaff, all of whom are members of the family. The patriarch can be seen at the end of the terrace, preparing large platters of meat and fresh seafood on an open grill. The menu is simple (grilled meat, grilled fish, salads, and a few pasta dishes), but the quality of the food is high and the prices are low. Stand-outs include the mixed grill and grilled squids, both served with a large plate of grilled vegetables and a generous serving of French fries. Everything is presented attractively and there is plenty of good local wine to enliven the already jovial atmosphere.

Konoba King is open from 19:00 to 23:00, 7 days per week during the warmer months only.


  1. I will be going to Dubrovnik next year April with 10+ friends to celebrate my 30th birthday. Please could you recommend a good restaurant in Dubrovnik that won't be too expensive to celebrate the occasion.

    1. For special occasions we usually go to Konoba Konavle for meat "under the iron bell". It is about 30 minutes from Dubrovnik so you will have to arrange for transportation there. However, dinner is generally only about 30 EUR per person and includes aperitif, starters (homemade prsut, cheese, & bread), meat & potatoes under the iron bell, dessert, and plenty of homemade wine.

      If you would prefer to stay closer to town then Proto is a very nice seafood restaurant in the Old Town, though it can be a bit on the expensive side. Another great option for a group dinner is Galija in Cavtat. You can take the water taxi service there and a taxi or the public bus back. Galija has a beautiful setting and great food at reasonable prices.

    2. Thank you so much for your feedback. I will look into all the options you have provided :)