Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Beaches Around Dubrovnik

Visitors to Dubrovnik with a car have the opportunity to escape the crowds of Lapad and Old Town and explore some of the better beaches in the area. There are several great beaches in the stretch along the coast between Slano in the north and Molunat in the south, all of which are within a 45-minute drive of Dubrovnik. The following is a brief overview of a few of the most-beautiful and less-visited beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera:

Veliki Zali (30 minutes north of Dubrovnik, near Slano): This is one of the most-spectacular beaches in the area and often the least crowded. Its position in a small bay protected by the Elafiti Islands makes its waters calm and clear. The beach has small stones, which are comfortably rounded, making entering and exiting the sea fairly easy. Veliki Zali is fully serviced with chair/umbrella rentals, a cafe bar, and a pizzeria.

Brsecine (25 minutes north of Dubrovnik): This secluded cove sits far below the main road heading north from Dubrovnik. The cove is occupied by just a couple of private residences, but the beach is public. There are no facilities at this beach, but there is crystal clear water, small rounded stones, and beautiful views to the Elafiti Islands.

Mlini (10 minutes south of Dubrovnik): This small resort town offers numerous small beaches and coves for swimming, many of which remain un-crowded despite the presence of holiday-makers in the summer months. The beaches themselves do not offer facilities, but there are many private apartments, restaurants, shops, and café bars nearby, as well as a park and playground for small children.

Plat (15 minute south of Dubrovnik): The Hotel Plat sits atop a rocky outcropping flanked by two beautiful pebble beaches. Both beaches are public, but the only available parking is private. In the off-season it is not a problem to park at the Hotel Plat, but during July and August be prepared to pay for this privilege. One of the two beaches offers chair/umbrella rentals and has a small restaurant/café bar.

Cavtat (25 minutes south of Dubrovnik): This small fishing village has several beaches and small coves for swimming. The larger beaches are located in front of the hotels and offer a variety of services including chair/umbrella rentals, boat trips, jet ski rentals, and food & drinks. Some of the best spots for swimming, however, are not beaches at all. The Cavtat peninsula is surrounded by rocks jutting out into the sea, many of which are perfect for sunbathing and diving into the Adriatic.

Molunat (45 minutes south of Dubrovnik): This sleepy village sits in the far south of Croatia, just above the border of Montenegro. It does not have any real beaches to speak of, but offers some of the most-secluded swimming spots on the coast. Locals have made access to the sea easier by building staircases and attaching ladders to the rocks, but have otherwise left the natural beauty intact. The swimming spots themselves offer no services, but the town has numerous private apartments, a café bar, and a couple of small restaurants.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

Airport transfers in Dubrovnik are regulated by the Dubrovnik Taxi Authority and a price range is fixed for most destinations.  You can see the price list as posted at the airport in the photo below:

These prices are based upon a car that generally seats up to 3 people with luggage.  If you require a van or minibus prices will be higher.  You may find some agencies or individuals online who offer transfers for cheaper rates, but many of them are unlicensed and it is illegal.  Non-licensed drivers often undercut legal taxi drivers and take business away from them.  If you want to assure that your transfer is done safely and by a licensed driver, be sure to only book transfers with a legal taxi company.